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The power of summer giveaways :

Mearsk pampered their clients with a high quality summer set to enjoy sun and sand best this season, providing sand cup holder and summer cap to make sure you are always ready for some beach action, check our portfolio for the best in market promotional giveaways


Having some quality time with friends or family on the beach ?,
Why not step up the game with our branded backgammon.

ahli united bank

Enjoy your summer time with our full summer set.


The power of promotional giveaways :

Ainava took an extra care of their clients with a premium customized set of what fits them best in their day to day life powered by our favorite Leather agenda along with other promotional giveaways waiting you in our Portfolio.


The power of office giveaways :

INTEGRO made sure all of her clients are always backed up with our classy branded notebook and flash memory , don’t forget to check our promotional giveaways catalogue

Why not step up the game with our branded backgammon.

Hero baby

The power of beauty care giveaways

high quality hand towels customized and branded with care for our hero mommies everywhere. provided by hero baby for nutrition utilizing giveaways to empower their clients


The power of technology giveaways

high quality wireless chargers customized and branded for AKAM especially to illuminate their logo to rise and shine, utilize giveaways to empower your clients differently .


The power of technology giveaways :

uniquely branded flash memories for ALBUROUJ real estate to remind their clients of their best real estate provider in town .


The power of Customized Sets :

Mixing technology and stationary giveaways into a high end sets customized and branded for SAP software corporate, provided to indulge the luxury of giveaways to SAP special clients

Prime Location

The power of Customized Sets :

Mixing technology and stationary giveaways into a high end sets fully customized for Prime Location for real estate , indulge the luxury of premium set of giveaways .


The power of VIP Customized Sets :

providing fully customized VIP set with special design to fit AKAM premium clients, empowered by ultra premium giveaways collection from our Corporate giveaways portfolio.


The power of baby care giveaways :

High quality customized baby care giveaways provided by Penduline beauty care to make sure that mommies and their babies have the best in town care products, we customize all sorts of promotional giveaways best suiting your clients.


The power of technology giveaways :

providing latest premium wireless powerbanks to keep Khozam for real estate clients always connected and never off grid , power up your cleints with the latest technology giveaways in market.


The power of stationary giveaways :

providing latest stationary giveaways with built-in flash drive to add that sweet tech upgrade to Hemaya clients,


The power of Real-estate Giveaways

Premium branded paper cups to withstand your everyday corporate hussle designed for IMKAN Real Estate, maximize your corporate identity with our everyday to go giveaways .

fiber misr

The power of technology giveaways :

go the extra mile and personalize your promotional giveaways for your clients with providing individualized branded giveaways to Fiber Misr , make your clients feel extra special today with Fiesta Mundo personalized giveaways .


The power of customized giveaways sets :

personalize your premium giveaways set with a unique design provided for CGC finance special clients ,treat your clients the best with our Promotional Giveaways portfolio for Corporates


The power of giveaways :

customized flash memories and pens for EAMIC clients to stay always reminded by your brand identity while feeling special ,your clients are in safe hands with the best Promotional giveaways provider in market.



The power of giveaways :

Supporting AUC Entrepreneur Society with fully customized Stationary promotional giveaways for a remarkable brand identity customer experience.

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scene 7

The power of technology giveaways :

Scene 7 wanted to be there for their clients to face long days hassle powered by our uniquely customized set of power bank and flash memory , just remember if you are there for your clients they will be there for you too .Don’t hesitate to try our promotional giveaways suiting your corporates best .


The power of promotional giveaways :

Hemaya security solution had a taste of what promotional giveaways can impact a corporate and they wanted to repeat the experience with a premium specialist set of our promotional giveaways to the up their clients level a notch or two .


The power of promotional giveaways : Agility logistics came the best practical combination from our promotional giveaways portfolio to make sure their clients stay agile during their tough week with aleather agenda, elegant keychain and top quality thermal mug . stay agile and empower your brand with FIesta Mundo for Giveaways


The power of stationary giveaways : Lavasta wanted to personalize their stationary in the office to remind the employees that they are being pampered while they are working on their Todo lists , providing high quality branded stickey notes to make sure everyone is organized and taken care off .


The power of traveling giveaways : Imkan pampered their clients with full uniquely designed box to suit them on the go , providing luxurious multi charger sided with classy digital travel mug to stay charged and not to forget a personal notebook for the traveling action not to be forgotten , check our portfolio for the best promotional giveaways